UpNap – Social Responsibility

UpNap is a small family business that produces hand made tourist hammocks. But we are not interested in only doing business, but also in doing something good. That is why we sew our hammocks in collaboration with BARKA foundation of mutual help in Poland.



The main goal of the foundation is to create new jobs for people in need, places like ecologic farms, cantines, restaurants and carpentry shops help those people to develop a new skill and get better chances of finding a job.

In one of those places our UpNap workshop has been established – a lab of a perfect hammock. It is here where all comes to life. Under the eye of a sewing specialist, around the rolls of non-tear ripstop nylon and spools of thread, to the rhythm of sewing machines.



We are two sisters and two brothers who try to make a little change.


The collaboration with BARKA foundation is our big pride, but we are also very happy to help in other ways.

This year for the third time we managed to organize (with a great help of Gala Alpin School) winter vacation in Norway for unprivileged children from Poland.




We’re also good friends with a social center in France “Centre Socioculturel l’Agantic”
Together we were taking part in project called Kids Night Outdoor – promoting time outdoors and kids social interactions.

We hope to do even more in the future.