Vall de Nuria – escape the crowd

When you close your eyes and think of Barcelona you probably find yourself in one of the restaurants with tables overlooking Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, walking La Rambla or eating wonderfully sweet grapes in Park Güell.

And that’s ok – but nowadays it helps if you’re also into urban sports like free table hunting or bumping-into-other-people-evasion gymnastics.

If not – we have something for you.

One of the great places (and less visited) in Spanish Pyrenees of Catalonia is Vall de Nuria (Marmot Valley).
With 2.5h train ride from Plaça de Catalunya you end up in Ribes de Freser – from there it’s only 20mins to Querabls.

Vall de Nuria - escape the crowdQuerabls train station

And only 6h walk from here:

Vall de Nuria - escape the crowdFeel like going for a walk?


Vall de Nuria - escape the crowdHmmm – where are we…. ?


Vall de Nuria - escape the crowdNevermind…

It is very hard to believe a place so peaceful and naturally beautiful exists so close to Barcelona.

Ready for your escape?

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