When you close your eyes and think of Barcelona you probably find yourself in one of the restaurants with tables overlooking Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, walking La Rambla or eating wonderfully sweet grapes in Park Güell.

And that’s ok – but nowadays it helps if you’re also into urban sports like free table hunting or bumping-into-other-people-evasion gymnastics.

If not – we have something for you.

One of the great places (and less visited) in Spanish Pyrenees of Catalonia is Vall de Nuria (Marmot Valley).
With 2.5h train ride from Plaça de Catalunya you end up in Ribes de Freser – from there it’s only 20mins to Querabls.

Vall de Nuria - escape the crowdQuerabls train station

And only 6h walk from here:

Vall de Nuria - escape the crowdFeel like going for a walk?


Vall de Nuria - escape the crowdHmmm – where are we…. ?


Vall de Nuria - escape the crowdNevermind…

It is very hard to believe a place so peaceful and naturally beautiful exists so close to Barcelona.

Ready for your escape?

In the middle of the Ardennes Forest in Belgium you can find one of the best climbing spots in Europe – Freyr. More than 600 routes and some of them reach as high as 120 meters. This place can keep you busy for days!

At the top of the massif there is a cozy camping side. Simply perfect for a hammock and a bonfire with a view on Meuse river. Birds chirp, scent of bonfire and coffee in the morning after a night in UpNap hammock – that is the  new luxury. Your day cannot start in any better way.

A simple change in your  surrounding, spending more time outdoors and being close to the nature can make you happier, healthier and will leave you more satisfied than any five star hotel.

Especially when you check out.

Less is the new luxury. Keep it simple. Keep it close to the nature.

UpNap Team

Less is the new luxury - Freyr

Camping  with UpNap hammocks in Freyr

Less is the new luxury - Freyr

Best way to make coffee

Less is the new luxury - Freyr

Keep going up, don’t look down!

Less is the new luxury - Freyr

Good morning!

Less is the new luxury - Freyr

Bed & Breakast with UpNap & Lyo foods


Less is the new luxury - Freyr



A trip to Trolltunga

Our goal is Trolltunga – a Troll’s tongue. Norwegian Lion Stone. The story begins right after work – unusuall because normally, to catch the famous extreme yoga show at Trolltunga Rock tourists start the trip early. Around noon there’s a long line at the tong – everyone is waiting for a chance to make a lonely photo on the edge in extreme Yoga position.


On my way back I meet a Spanish lady. She asks for help. Her husband has a heart and breathing problems. There is no phone coverage – what can I do?! Ten hours walk to the valley, rain, weather is getting worse and no shelter along the whole track. I run around seeking for signal. After couple miles I met a Norwegian tourist – Anders and a Croatian girl – they agreed to help.
Finally we got the signal and managed to call for help.
Now we ran back hoping the husband is ok and everything will end up alright.
Anders is the fastest. We caught up to him after a while. He is running around repeating over the phone the same information over and over. Phone coverage is very bad. The time passes by and it’s getting cold. I turned my backpack upside down searching for the jacket but I found hammock instead. This makes everyone laugh. I wrap myself in it like in a cocoon and we wait.
The pilot calls and asks if we have any bright material to help him locate us. I feel like undercover agent. Anders answers with a smile – yes we do. We have a yellow-blue hammock. Pilot doesn’t seem surprised at all. Within fifteen minutes we hear helicopter blades. He notices us and keeps searching further for described couple. Short time after he disappears behind a hill we see Spanish couple slowly passing us by. It turns out, after they manage to get a bit lower, his heart beat slowed down and he felt much better.
We wave again with the hammock at the helicopter, that is coming back after few rounds. It lands. A Norwegian Harrison Ford is coming out with a big smile. He ensures that the Spanish husband will manage all the way down and after strong shake hands he flies away.
– I’m amazed how good people are around here – says Croatian girl.
– Do you know each other? – Asks Spanish lady.
– We’ve just met, but we’re already best friends. Anders answers.