Frequently Asked Questions

Why lightweight hammocks and not traditional Mexican type ?

Lightweight hammocks are perfect for camping and back packing. They provide excellent strength without being too heavy.

Are Upnap hammocks safe?

Maximum sleep comfort combined with the highest level of safety. All our materials are lab and terrain tested. The carabiners and ropes are certified and safe for climbing.

How to properly hang a hammock?

  • Use webbing straps not to damage the tree bark
  • Try to get 30 degrees between the tree and hammock rope
  • Keep hammock around 40cm above the ground

What is a difference between double color and single color hammocks ?

Apart from the obvious – the main difference lies in layers. Two colored hammock also have two layers of material – this gives you extra protection against mosquitos.

  • Single layer – Single color
  • Double layer – Double color

How much can my hammock can hold?


What is Power Upnap?

Commonly known as a coffee nap, it is a cup of coffee followed by a short 20 minutes nap. It gives you the extra kick on a Monday afternoon.

What’s the most ergonomic sleeping position?


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