Bed & Breakfast



Welcome in our cosy B&B. We deliver your bed and breakfast but the bedroom you have to find on your own.
Our set includes:

  • Single UpNap with suspension system ( 2 lines + 2 carabiners)
  • Breakfast Lyo Food
  • Snack Lyo Food
  • Smoothie Lyo Food

Personalize your B&B experience exactly as you like it and choose your it on your own:

  • Kolor hamaka:





Lyo Food breakfasts are made from 100% natural ingredients and some of them are growing on our own fields.
We will not serve you any artificial additives, extra sugar, palm oil or preservatives!
It doesn’t go healthier than this breakfast!

You can compose your morning menu by choosing from Lyo Food breakfasts, fruit snacks and ready-to-drink mixes. Select one of each and enjoy your breakfast in bed.